Are your parents ruining your job search?

I have had my share of parents call me asking for jobs for their off-spring.  In nearly every instance their son or daughter is unaware a parent has taken on an over-active role in their job search. Most employers have caught on and just don't have the bandwidth to deal with both applicants and parents. My advice, parents help at a distance and be that welcome side-line coach and not the parent that gets the team kicked out of the game.

How helicopter parents can ruin kids' job prospects from CNN


  • Hiring managers find that some parents are overly involved in their kids' first jobs
  • "Helicopter parents" might call to inquire about benefits or job duties
  • These parents can diminish their children's credibility and independence
  • Employers and behavior experts advise allowing a child to make mistakes and grow

Jennifer Selke

Jennifer Selke is a UC Berkeley trained, Licensed Educational Psychologist and day camp director. Since 1991 Jennifer has been running day camps for UC Berkeley. Prior to that she ran after school and summer programs for the US Air Force. In her spare time she has a private practice assessing and teaching social skills to teens with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. She recently retired from a twelve year career as a school psychologist in the public schools. Jennifer’s specialization is in the area of managing and training the millennial workforce focusing on strengths and job satisfaction. Jennifer is on the faculty in the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Education & is affiliated with the Berkeley Center for New Media.