Do You Have the Ten Talents Necessary to be an Entrepreneur?


Gallup, creator of the enormously popular StrengthsFinder 2.0, released the Entrepreneurial Profile 10 (EP10), a talent assessment that can identify the intensity of 10 talents entrepreneurs need to build a business that creates jobs.

Business Focus 
Creative Thinking
Risk Taking

Entrepreneurs who scored in the top 2 percentile are seven times more likely to have a business worth more than $10 million compared with the rest, three times more likely to exceed sales goals and two times more likely to exceed profit goals. 

Many Millennials and those in Generation Z are interested in starting their own business but are not sure where to start. Ideally, students in high school should take the EP10 and learn about entrepreneurship. They can learn which talents they have that contribute to being a successful entrepreneur. More importantly, they can identify what types of partners they should be looking for so they can build a well rounded team. 

Watch Dr. Sangeeta Badal explain the importance of entrepreneurial talent.


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Betsy Flanagan and Jennifer Selke are Gallup Certified in both the StrengthsFinder and Entrepreneurial Profile 10 (EP10). Come hear Jennifer Selke speak at SXSW, Building Strong Teams in the Millennial Age.

Jennifer Selke

Jennifer Selke is a UC Berkeley trained, Licensed Educational Psychologist and day camp director. Since 1991 Jennifer has been running day camps for UC Berkeley. Prior to that she ran after school and summer programs for the US Air Force. In her spare time she has a private practice assessing and teaching social skills to teens with Asperger’s, Autism, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities. She recently retired from a twelve year career as a school psychologist in the public schools. Jennifer’s specialization is in the area of managing and training the millennial workforce focusing on strengths and job satisfaction. Jennifer is on the faculty in the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Education & is affiliated with the Berkeley Center for New Media.